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    We at INANA GROUP strive for the ultimate customer experience.
    Together with our partners, we aim
    to fully understand and meet all our diverse clientele’s needs.



Over the last 20 years, INANA Group has grown from a small company that specializes in information technology to a hive of companies whose services include information technology, telecommunications, infrastructure, and other various business ventures that started in locally. then spread out to other Arab countries.
Through its strong local presence in Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, and Sultanate of Oman, the group has gained a reputable reputation in the middle east. This reputation has been built through consistently delivering high quality products, reliable business solutions, and a customized service for each customer.
We at INANA GROUP strive for the ultimate customer experience. Together with our partners, we aim to fully understand and meet all our diverse clientele’s needs. INANA GROUP breeds solutions using a pool of talented employees with experience in almost any situation.

“To be the leading group in the creation, installation and maintenance of innovative and high-tech business solutions. To provide advanced services that fully meet the needs of individuals and enterprises and to contribute to the development of the rapidly changing economies of Arab countries.”



innovative management

To lead by example through innovative management, teamwork and a commitment to excellence.

high quality products

To provide high quality products, solutions, and services that best serve each market.

competitive edge

To give our customers a competitive edge through linking content and business processes and implementing appropriate interfaces to other Technologies.


produce viable solutions

To combine technology and design to produce viable solutions for any enterprise.

marketing tools

To help our clients significantly increase their business assets as well as deliver influential marketing tools to bridge the gap between them and their clients.

improvement driven

To earn our customers’ enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation of our staff.

fully responsive

What We Do


INANA GROUP’s main business domain is Information and Communication Technology.

Solutions and Services

We provide integrated solutions and services by combining complete and leading edge solutions with extensive reach and focus on innovation, INANA is at the forefront of the ICT revolution.

Providing Customers

The INANA Fulfillment™ Model is our approach to providing customers with unique, up-to-date turnkey solutions. Through utilizing the capabilities and expertise available throughout our lines of business, we deliver optimum results across every area of our clientele’s business. .

Execute Telecommunications

With a focus on integration, infrastructure, and business solutions, INANA offers a broader capability to plan, design, and execute telecommunications and information technology solutions for our clients. We also provide all the equipment and infrastructure necessary for these solutions.

E-business Solutions

From high-speed data communication, e-business solutions, IP based telecom services, and consultancy projects. INANA brings industry-leading integrated solutions to customers around the Arab region.









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Our Services

IT Systems and Solutions

Banking and Financial Solutions.
Smart Solutions for homes, offices, and enterprises.
Lawful Interception Systems.
Data Security and IT Surveillance Solutions.
IT Consulting Service.

Telecom Solutions and Services

IP Hosted PBX System.
IP Telephony
Unified Communication as a Service (UcaaS)
SIP Trunking Solutions
Mobile Apps

Infrastructure Solutions

Fiber Optic Solutions.
Structuring Cabling System (SCS)
Wireless Solutions.
Electricity Projects and Related Services

IPv4 Brokerage Services

IT Systems and Solutions

Banking and Financial Solutions


IPv4 Brokerage Services

INANA GROUP is among the leading pioneers in providing IPv4 address brokerage services in the middle east. Our experienced team of consultants have an extensive background in providing reliable and high quality solutions for buyers and sellers to promote a risk and hassle free experience regarding the transferring of rights linked with IPv4 blocks. We at INANA are proud have developed efficient and reliable IPv4 address exchange mechanisms to ensure the highest value is given to our customers. INANA GROUP is a registered and recognized broker by the RIPE NCC , and also active in the ARIN, and APNIC regions through business partnership with a registered facilitator

    • Regarding Buying

      • IPv4 address exhaustion has been occurring globally.
        This has caused many potential buyers to question their ability to join the global movement of IPv4 addresses.
        We provide our clientele with high quality solutions which significantly smooth the process of buying IPv4 addresses
        so that our customers can focus solely on their business growth.

IPv4 Brokerage Services

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We at INANA GROUP strive for the ultimate customer experience.

  • Location: 152 Boushar St Boushar Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
  • Tel/Fax: +968 22096029
  • E-mail: info@inana-group.com
  • Website: www.inana-group.com